Henry Jay’s Tip of the Day

August 30, 2018

Hello Everyone
I am Henry Jay. I had a lot of fun doing the last Tip of The Day, so I am going to give you another one. This one you should ask a two-legged friend to help you. This tip is very important. It could save you money and time by not having to talk to one of the wonderful men and women in blue. No one wants a ticket, ever. That what my mom says.

Test the lights
Flip on your headlights, tail lights, and turn signals while your car is parked and make sure each one is working. Make sure all your brake lights work. If a bulb is out, take your car to an expert who can determine whether it’s the bulb or the fuse that needs replacing.
If you have question or need some help with a burnt out bulb, give us a call, Amanda or Zach (mom and Dad) would love to help you.