Henry Jay’s Tip of the Day

October 19, 2018

Hello My wonderful friends,
I am Henry Jay, and I am here with the tip of the day. I know my tips are about things to do for your car that will help the life of your car, but with the snow flying this week I think I will give you a tip on things to do in your car that will make you life easier. I want everyone to be safe this winter. Remember to top off your windshield wiper fluid. Don’t forget that it is time to get the All-Season Washer fluid that doesn’t freeze unless it is below -25 degrees outside. You don’t want mud and slush to hit your windshield without anyway to remove it. It only takes a minute to put the washer fluid in your car. I also recommend adding a blanket and a spare set of socks to the backseat of your car. You will want them for if an emergency comes up, or you go to a football game. Go Broncos!