Signs Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Might Need to Be Serviced

Can you imagine driving a vehicle with broken air conditioning? You might find yourself in such a challenging situation if you fail to service your car’s AC regularly. Here is everything to know about maintaining your car’s air conditioner.

Why Should You Service Your Car AC?

You likely use your car’s AC the most during the scorching summer heat and run it as a heating unit for your vehicle’s interior during winter. Servicing your vehicle’s AC allows you to enjoy:

  • Improved gas mileage: Like any other equipment, the AC in your vehicle wears out the more it’s used; thus, it becomes less efficient. This means that it will require more energy to function, resulting in higher fuel consumption and less gas mileage. Providing your car’s AC with regular service restores its energy efficiency, which improves your gas mileage.
  • An environmentally-friendly vehicle: Servicing your vehicle’s AC means that the car will have better gas mileage and less emissions. Thus, you can enjoy driving an environmentally-friendly vehicle.
  • More comfortable drives: Your car’s AC will be working excellently after service. This means you can enjoy comfortable drives to your destination for the foreseeable future.

When Should Car AC Be Serviced?

Now that you know the benefits of servicing your automobile’s AC, you might be wondering how often you should be doing the service. We recommend that you service your car AC at least once a year. If possible, you can do the service twice a year, at the beginning of the warm season and the beginning of the cold season. This is because it’s during the harsh weather that your AC undergoes its most demanding times. This includes extended exposure to heat from the engine, road debris, dirt and vibration, which can lead to refrigerant leakage. Doing the service twice a year will ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioner is in the best position to last through the brutal cold or warm season ahead.

How Do You Maintain a Car’s Air Conditioner?

You can do several things to extend the best performance of your automobile’s AC. These are:

  • Running the air conditioner for 10 minutes once a week on the coolest setting and highest fan speed. This will help maintain the compressor in perfect working order. 
  • Running the AC on defrost mode for roughly 5 to 10 minutes once a week. This will prevent the buildup of excessive moisture and mildew, which can result in unsavory odors in the cabin.
  • In winter, utilize your AC to get rid of the humidity in the cabin and fog from the windshield, improving visibility.
  • Re-charge your car’s AC every two years by refreshing the gas and lubricant in the cooling system.

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