Fuel Injector Cleaning and Servicing

Fuel Injector Clogging Signs

Your car’s fuel injector is essential for proper performance when driving your automobile. If your having issues with your fuel injector, performance and efficiency can suffer. When asking, "How do I know if my fuel injectors are clogged?" there are signs and performance issues to look out for.

  • Fuel Leaks: Prolonged issues with your fuel injector can lead to leaks if not addressed by a professional. If you have a fuel leak, the smell will be noticeable when sitting in your car during routine driving.
  • Misfires: Another issue associated with a clogged fuel injector is a delayed response from your engine when driving or the engine misfiring regularly.
  • Strange Noises: When your car is idling, you’re likely familiar with normal engine noises. However, strange or unpleasant noises (rough idling) can be a sign that your fuel injector is not working correctly.
  • Warning Lights: Finally, if your check engine light comes on and will not shut off, this could indicate an issue with your car’s fuel injector. The light could be solid or blinking depending on your car’s make and model.

Is Fuel Injector Cleaning Service Necessary?

Regular cleaning service for your fuel injector is required to keep it operating at its best, prevent clogs, and also help prevent damage to your automobile. Over time, regular driving can lead to built-up and deposits collecting in your fuel injector. A professional generally has two methods of cleaning your fuel injector. Method one is quick and can be done without removing your fuel injector from your automobile. In situations where clogging is more severe, a removal and a thorough cleaning of your fuel injector may be required.

How Long Does It Take For Injector Cleaner To Work?

Over-the-counter fuel injector cleaners help keep your car’s fuel injector in top working condition, and many automobile manufacturers advise using these types of additives. Most injector cleaners start working within 100 to 300 miles after adding them to your car’s tank. Also, adding the injector cleaner to a mostly empty tank can improve performance and allow it to work faster. When using an injector cleaner, it is advised to use it every 1,500 to 3,000 miles, and many car owners who use conventional oil have the cleaner added when they get their oil changed.

The Value of Regular Servicing

One of the most important aspects of automobile ownership is regular servicing. Keeping up to date on regular service items such as oil changes, filter changes, replacing your brake pads, and cleaning your fuel injector helps your car perform better and last longer. Regular servicing also can prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs in the future, saving you time, aggravation, and money.


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